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Sudbury Facebook marketing has quickly become the best way to turn clicks into customers as we like to say here at Cuidado Marketing. Most any business can very quickly present their service, product or idea to the exact audience they so choose with the vast amount of tools offered by the biggest social media platform on the planet.

When a person joins Facebook and creates a fanpage, this new profile is recorded with key demographic interests such as your age, gender, location, likes, groups or affiliations and even income levels to name a few. This broad range of interests gives the advertiser a tremendous amount of power in regards to showing their message to an exact ideal persona.

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Cuidado Marketing Video Marketing

Cuidado Marketing has predicted this a few years ago about the need and power of Sudbury video marketing agency. And to back-up our claim, just recently YouTube, which is owned by Google, announced that starting in 2017, 90% of the entire Internet content will be in one form or another video based.

So what does this mean for your business? Along with writing articles and posting images and relevant content to your website now on a continuous basis, you will also need informative and compelling videos about your products or services offered as well or you might be left behind or even worse, your competitors moving ahead.

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Cuidado Marketing Website Design

Remember the year 2000? I know that was a long time ago and that was the big Dot-Com Boom, as well as a time when Google started to really pay attention to businesses and their online-presence. One factor Google had mentioned was to be included on their platform, businesses were going to need a website to present to relevant visitors once found through a Google keyword search. So during this time in our history of the Internet a decent Sudbury website designed with your visitors in mind was important.

Well if we jump ahead to today, Google has set out new parameters to what they think is a legitimate business. So in Googles eyes this would be a business with a website, a YouTube channel, a Twitter page and a Facebook fanpage. Since more and more people are online everyday, businesses are more than ever trying to be found online by our visitors, however at an even more in depth medium than just a relevant keyword search. How is your business stacking up?

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Facebook campaigns gives the ability for businesses to enhance their brand exposure, creating interactive flexibility over many platforms while increasing sales through audience targeting.

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More Sales.

Over 56 percent of your clients spend their time consuming videos everyday. Everyone is watching an informative, engaging video promoting a brand or service before making a decision.

Not Just Online Presence.
A Necessity.

Build that crucial initial rapport with your visitors through an interactive compelling website to increase opportunities with consistent content in this modern era and most importantly get found.

Avenues To Help Your Business Excel

Impress your visitors with a professional looking website that is interactive yet easy to navigate, eye-catching and engaging and adapts to all platforms.

Advertising ROI that is actually trackable by showing your product or service to only the target audience you choose and start turning those clicks into customers.

We seem to live in this microwave world where online consumers just don’t have the time to read anymore, however can make time to watch an interactive video.

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